Melissa Ashley
Melissa AshleyMelissa Ashley
Alias: Anne Howe
Born: Aug 24th 1978
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
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Who is Melissa? Who is Ashley? And who is Anne Howe?

They are all me! I've gone by a few different names while working in the adult industry; Ashley or Anne Howe being the ones I use most often. Melissa is my real name! When I first started posing for adult internet websites, I wanted to use my real name, Melissa. I used that name for a while, and then I posed for a website that wouldn't allow me to use my real name! That's when I started using the "stage name" Ashley. For some reason, I really liked using the name Ashley, and I sort of switched my name to Ashley. THEN, I started filming adult videos! When I filmed my very first XXX movie, someone told me they thought I should use a different name, because there were already lots of girls named Ashley in the adult industry. I agreed with him, and together, we changed my porn name to Anne Howe. When I created this website, I wanted it to be all about me! I used my real name (Melissa) and then added my most common internet name (Ashley) to it. That's where I came up with Melissa-Ashley! I've seen myself listed under many different names besides the ones I just told you about. Sometimes magazines or internet sites just make up stage names for their models, and the model never knows what they'll be billed as! I've seen myself listed as Melissa, Ashley, Anne Howe, BJ Lixx, Katy, Chastity, Lisa, and Mel. It's enough to confuse even me!

How did you get started in porno?

That is a very long story! When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I used to ask my Mom what she used to do with herself before she met my Dad, and had me. To my surprise, she answered me very honestly, and told me she used to be in porno films in the 70's! That really impressed me, and I used to ask her for more details about it all the time. She was always open with me about it, and she would usually answer all my questions without holding anything back. I remember telling my Mom that I wanted to star in porn films too, after I turned 18. She told me if I ever wanted to work in the adult entertainment business, I would have to get a breast enlargement, because I was just too tiny titted! I thought about that, but eventually decided I didn't want to change my breasts; I liked them just the way they were! So I gave up on my porn-star dreams for a couple years, until I saw an advertisement in the classified section of a local newspaper. It was an ad looking for everyday, average girls -- girls like me! I responded to the ad, and was hired to do my very first "adult" modeling job. My first job was for an adult website, and I posed alone. The photographer/webmaster told me he thought I was a great model, and also that he wanted to hire me again. I worked with that company a few times, posing solo, and with other girls. It was a lot of fun! I was lucky, that photographer gave my name and phone number to a few other photographers, and before I knew it, I was modeling all the time! I posed for websites and magazines. I would usually pose with other girls and with men. One thing led to another, and within about a year, I started filming XXX videos. To date, I've filmed well over 70 adult movies, and I'm always shooting more.

Click here to see a list of my XXX titles!

Me and Mom in Mexico!

Do you like working in the adult industry?

I LOVE working in the adult industry! I absolutely love sex (with both men and women) and I have always been turned on by "being watched". I guess working in porn is the perfect solution for me; I can have tons of sex and people are always watching me do it! Of course, every now and then I have a bad day (it isn't all fun and games!), but for the most part I have a great time!

Does your family know you shoot porn?

Most of my family knows about my career in the adult industry. I don't think my grandma knows about it, but that's for her own good. Lucky for me, my family is super cool, and they support me no matter what.

Tell me about your sex life!

You might have guessed, I have A LOT of sex. Both while filming, and in my private life...I just can't get enough! I am very bi-sexual, and I really like having sex with both men and women. I think my most-perfect ideal sexual situation is when I'm with both a man and a woman at the same time. As much as I love being with girls, they don't satisfy me completely. But when I'm with both a man and woman, I can have a little "appetizer" before my "main course". I have had sex with lots of people, and in lots of different places. Because I love to be watched, I like to have sex in public places, and I've done it EVERYWHERE! My sexual relationships are always safe, because I mostly have sex with other actors and actresses in the adult industry, and we all have HIV and STD tests. As much as I love sex, it's super important to be safe.

I've seen pics of you when you were pregnant...

Yes, I was pregnant in late 1999/early 2000, and the photos and video you see of me pregnant were shot then. Unfortunately, I miscarried shortly after those photos and video were taken. I really liked being pregnant, and I was very, very sad when I miscarried. I never owned the pictures taken of me when I was pregnant, so you will never see them posted on my website. I don't really like to talk about this, 'cause it's a very sensitive and painful subject for me. Please don't ask me any more about it... Thanks!

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