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70's Girls

1-4 Becky Savage loses her cherry and learns to fuck 5-Leslie Bovee overlooked cutie gets a dp and airtight 6-Sonya Spizer obscure girl from 76 gets R@ped 7-10 Bree Anthony get @bducted and R@ped 11-Lisa Marks so sweet and sensual 12-Tigr sweet losing her... cherry 13-Rene Bond loved cock 14-Marylin Chambers takes John Holmes in her tight ass 15-Marylin Chambers worships Holmes cock with her mouth an asshole 16-Laurie Smith and Piper Smith were real sisters 17-Samantha Fox love the way she finishes him off with her finger in his ass 18-20 Lisa Be pretty natural girl 21Phaedra Grant not just assfucked ,she's ass fisted! 22-Phaedra DP 22-Maureen Spring such a pretty spinner 24-Monique Decardin deflower on Annette Haven's orders 25-26 Kristine Heller 27-Hope Stockton sensual finish 28- Crystal Sync great bj 29-CJ Laing among the greatest cock suckers ever 30-Tawny Pearl great puffy nips and she did anal once 31-Ashley Welles hottie gets it in her tight ass 32-Tawny Pearl a bimbo but she loved cock 33-Summer Rose great DP 34Maggie Williams & John Holmes cutie gets a golden shower and jacks Holmes off 35-36 Sharon Mitchell r@ped and she likes it 37-Jean Jennings loses her cherry 38-39 Becky savage decides to get her cherry popped 40-Robin Cannes fucks her brother 41-Kristine Heller fucks her Daddy 42-Kristine finds Daddy fucking her uncon sister 43- Raven sucks off Daddy 44-The Young Twins Brooke and Taylor eal lesbian twins-the 70' were crazy
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