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Phyllis Chandler (delectable Coleen Brennan) wants the handsome star Luke Lancer (Kevin James), and one way to get him is to produce her own porno film. She's rich and she's bored and Luke Lancer's the one she wants because he's every inch a man. In this new film, "DAISY CHAIN" Kirdy Stevens of "Taboo" fame takes you behind the scenes into the torrid world of rampant lust, the steamy side of the making of a porno movie. They're all wild, the stars who don't stop when the director yells "cut" and the starlets who can't get enough, on screen or off. The makeup girl, the script girl and the studs whose insatiable appetites are whetted as they watch the hot, raw action and then slip behind the cameras for their own brand of hedonistic pleasures.

This is one of the hottest, horniest cast and crew ever assembled with Sara Jane (titillating Karen Summer) as the director's right hand girl. Tantalizing Tantala (from Cafe Flesh) plays the star who knows how to keep a good man up. Sensual Ciystal Breeze, tempestuous Lisa Lake and sexy little newcomer Cynthia Brooks who's this side of innocent, are all young and fresh nymphettes that burn up the screen, Also featured is that fabulous Frenchman Francois Papillon and cocksman Peter North, Steve Douglas and Nick Random, as the director. For the ultimate climax, everyone, cast and crew no longer able to control their sexual frenzy come together in the hottest, wettest, drippingest daisy chain in the annals of porndom. .. a film by Kirdy Stevens.

Clip 1 - 18 mins 41 secs

Daisy Chain Clip 1 00:03:40
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Daisy Chain Clip 1 00:13:20
Daisy Chain Clip 1 00:14:00
Daisy Chain Clip 1 00:18:20
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Clip 2 - 12 mins 37 secs

Daisy Chain Clip 2 00:20:40
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Clip 3 - 11 mins 4 secs

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Clip 4 - 9 mins 48 secs

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Clip 5 - 23 mins 34 secs

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