Brother, Sister & Friend





Studio: Standard Digital
Approximate Running Time: 00:14:41
Released: 1982

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A pretty horny blonde calls for a massage. The young Asian woman walks in wearing a Kimono. The blonde lays on the couch getting massaged while she lays in her dress on the couch. The masseuse instructs her to take of her dress. After some more massaging, the masseuse moves her fingers on the blondes ass, the blonde flips over and her finger touch her nipples then she sucks on them. She moves now down for some fur pie and then the blondes brother comes in the living-room. This just became an incredible interracial threesome. The brother fucks them both!
Clip 1 - 14 mins 41 secs

Brother, Sister & Friend Clip 1 00:01:40
Brother, Sister & Friend Clip 1 00:04:40
Brother, Sister & Friend Clip 1 00:08:40
Brother, Sister & Friend Clip 1 00:11:40
Brother, Sister & Friend Clip 1 00:14:40

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Cast & Stars: Brother, Sister & Friend

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